We at PBeCREATIVE are on the prowl for Creativity and Creative Thinkers.

Being a creative company ourselves, we are very supportive of the arts and of small business. We understand how under-served the arts have been of late and have given some thought to how we can put our creativity and business skills to work for the benefit of the entire creative community.

As small business owners, we also understand how overwhelming the cost of marketing can be. If you are doing your own marketing, you are no doubt even more overwhelmed. We hope that this online portal will give you that low-budget exposure every company wants and needs.

So, Let’s Get Connected!  Connect Me!

Tell me more!

First and foremost, it is a place to connect, be creative and share ideas. Promote your favorite local creative hotspots and happenings. Start a group and share your struggles, questions, aspirations, meetups, experiences, achievements, etc.. You don’t have to be a creative professional, just a CREATIVE THINKER. This is an experiment of sorts. We hope, through community comments and contributions, that this project will become a useful tool and develop into something creative that we can all utilize, benefit  and enjoy!

Why Chicago?

We love Chicago, that’s why we live and work here. It’s a creative city full of creative people. It’s a city full of activities, festivals, events, culture and diversity. Don’t you agree? Tell us what you think makes Chicago creative. We want to hear what you have to say.

How do I get connected?

We are diligently working on the site structure as this post is being written. You will be able to sign up for a free account and start connecting very soon.  You can start a conversation or start a group. Help the community grow, get connected and share all of the creative things that make Chicago great.

For now, just head over to http://www.creativityconnects.net/ComingSoon/ and get signed up. You’ll be amongst the first to be connected and receive news and offers from Chicago’s creative community!