As a designer and entrepreneur, I try to absorb as much about marketing as I can. Though with our busy schedule I have to take what I can in small doses, which is why I like infographics so much. Marketing is an industry that is evolving at the speed of light, with mobile and web changing and growing almost to fast for most of us to keep up with.

Social Media, Video, and interactive media gives us so many options in the world of marketing, but one thing stays constant, Visual aides can help any marketer’s audience to retain a given message. They also help one process a message’s intended meaning. Let’s face it, the English language is complex. A well placed graphic can clear up even the most convoluted wording or the finest of fine print.

This visual aid titled, “The Future of Marketing” by Optimal Targeting might be dated by the time I publish this blog post, but it definitely caught my eye, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

The Future of Marketing

by optimaltargeting.
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