What began as a creative outlet and online portfolio has evolved into PBeCREATIVE a site offering services, support and information for those seeking creative services and small business support. Far from being professional bloggers, we have delved into the world of online information and doing our part to make the web a creative space as well as an informative one.

Early on we chose WordPress as our platform in which to deliver our services via the web and we are soooo glad we made that decision. The WordPress community is awesome and WordPress.com never ceases to amaze us with the tools and information it spews like the Old Faithful of blogging knowledge.

Though we have only been online since the end of last year tracking info, we want to share our humble, yet enlightening, first Annual Report of blogging and hope that it helps you to see the power of WordPress and we hope to build on these numbers as we bring you more pertinent information and creativity in 2013.

Our 2012 Annual Report of Blogging:  http://jetpack.me/annual-report/32327105/2012/