Our Story

Our Beginnings

Like most businesses, it all starts with an idea…and another idea…and another. Our team members are full of passion and ideas. We were just missing a place to grow and develop those ideas. We were separate individuals with like-minded ideas. As the saying goes – “Timing is Everything.” We were all affected by the economic turmoil in one way or another and decided that there is no better time than the present to begin our venture. This is how PBeCreative was created and founded.

We keep a “basement business” mentality, and that keeps us grounded. This mindset reminds us that there is always room for growth and improvement. We keep a broad view and focused, yet open minds. We are always busy developing ideas, but never too busy to help you develop yours. That’s our mission.

PBeCreative quickly began to “get it’s legs” as they say, and built some significant momentum through mostly word-of-mouth marketing by  our clients and colleagues consisting of mostly small business owners. The network began to grow. In Fall of 2012, while still primarily a “one man show”, PBeCreative expanded its menu of creative services to include services like web design, illustration, graphic design and page layout, package design, marketing collateral and even product design.

Our team members are also business owners, consultants, idea incubators, creatives, collaborators and sounding boards from which to bounce ideas off. We are foremost “creative thinkers at your service”. We offer an array of diverse services many dictated by the needs of our existing diverse clientele. In fact, the majority of our services have been added based on a need or by request of past clients. We provide everything from custom graphics and illustrations to web design and specialty printing. We can custom print a single custom t-shirt in-house or provide a production run of 100 and have it in your hands by week’s end. We even have a recruiting specialist to help staff your growing business with creative thinkers, go-getters, and your next go-to guy or gal.

The Whos.

Patrick Boland is founder and principal creative of PBeCreative, launched in Spring of 2012. The company and first website began as a fun, personal portfolio site – a showcase of past work and freelance projects from the past 15 years as a staff artist, senior designer and art director. The site proved to be a great visual aid for potential clients and companies seeking out creative services, and wanting to work with someone with an easy-going, yet focused working style like Patrick’s.

Over the next few months, many conversations took place over drinks, at parties, at meet-ups at workshops. Clients began to ask for specialty services. We needed to grow. There were so many ideas and only one Patrick. So, Patrick reached out and found that others were reaching out as well. And that really got things rolling.

In Fall 2012, Derrick Williams entered the scene with a great reputation as an approachable, knowledgeable, corporate recruiter based in Chicago. (Actually, Derrick was here all along, cheering us on and supporting this wild ride) We always knew we would work together someday, and as it turned out that day was nearer than we had imagined. What better addition for a design company assisting start-ups and small businesses than a professional staffer/recruiter? We’re not sure it had ever been done, but it seemed like a great idea, and ideas are what we’re all about!

Today,PBeCreative, lists corporate jobs and creative design positions on the site. We also perform recruiting services for any open position in your organization. Our focus is on diversifying workforces and best matching your organizations human resource needs with our applicant’s personality and skill set. Now, if we’re not yet equipped to handle your needs, we can help connect you with the right person for your job.

The What.

We are more than just creative designers and graphic designers. We offer creative solutions for your business or organization. Sure, we can work with your sales department to put together eye-catching marketing collateral and we can work with your R&D department to make those numbers come to life. But, we can also help you with temporary staffing, full-time hires, executive recruitment and job listing services. We can help you with creative blog posts and copy writing, technical writing and even help make training easier with interactive instructional design and eLearning modules.

Contact us today to find out what we can offer you! Here are just some of the services and creative solutions we have to offer:

  • For the established business. We like to think of ourselves as your remote creative department. If you are an established small business, then you already know how important quality creative services are. We offer a budget-friendly alternative to housing a creative design staff. Use us when you need us.
  • For the understaffed start-up. Do you have a great product or service you want the world to know about, but without a marketing point person to help get the message out? Is your staff overwhelmed with design duties. We’re here for you. Call us in to support your existing staff or to bring in a set of fresh ideas with an outsider’s perspective.
  • For the entrepreneur. We also collaborate on projects. Are you an entrepreneur, but need a team of creative thinkers to work with to develop your idea? Here we are!

Click to view our full list of services.

Why we do what we do.

The Great Recession and a struggling economy – Companies’ budgets tightened and were unable to hire larger staffs. There was sure no shortage of creativity. We genuinely wanted to help.

We do this for our own sanity (and insanity), too – To give life and meaning to our own dreams and ideas. But more importantly, we do this for you, the growers of business and growers of ideas. We know how difficult it can be just to get out of the gate. Trust me, we’ve been there. We want you to succeed and we want to be a part of your success. Let’s get the ball rolling. we’re creative thinkers at your service!

We can handle whatever you can throw at us. Services include, Illustration, Graphic Design, Package Design, Product Design, Logos & Branding. If you have many projects or a large multi-faceted project, hire us to handle it all and act as your remote Project Manager or Creative Director.