Our Work


  • Marker Renderings


    A display of uses for Marker rendering. Ideal for or a hand-drawn and rendered look, markers are a great use for quick sketches or finished pieces.

  • Fitzgerald Lawn Care

    Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo & Branding, T-shirt Graphics

    Tom Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Lawn Care had an idea. A new landscaping and lawncare company that ephasized a smaller carbon footprint using smaller equipment.

  • Licensed MLB Apparel

    Product Design

    The Details MLB Licensee, MOKSHA® Worldwide, Inc. (in Association with Pine Sports), created product and designs for major league sports...

  • Essential Fitness, LLC

    Graphic Design, Web Design

    The Task: Brian Schoenborn, owner of Essential Fitness, LLC,  requested a new look and feel for his boutique gym and...

  • Fun With Paper Disguise Kit

    Graphic Design, Illustration

    We at PBeCreative think design should be fun. Do some therapeutic role-playing with your coworkers or use to sneak out of that senseless staff meeting.

  • Maybe Next Year?

    Graphic Design, Illustration

    As a fan of the Cubs and Mid 20th century travel and advertising art, a merging of the two seemed very appropriate. And yes, we're still waiting. Maybe Next Year?

  • MtKisco.com

    Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, Web Design

    Case study MtKisko.com is a web destination for news and happenings in the commercial hub of Mount Kisco, Connecticut. The...

  • ShopFanatico.com

    Graphic Design, Logo & Branding, T-shirt Graphics, Web Design

    ShopFanatico.com is an e-commerce website with items for the littlest Superfans of Mexican Soccer and Latino Culture.

  • The Boring Store Postcards

    Graphic Design, Illustration

    These "not so boring" postcards were illustrated based on the inspiring writings of 826chi.org's creative student writers.

  • Le Plat du Jour

    Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo & Branding

    The Project Create a Branding System and set of marketing collateral for an in-home cooking workshop startup business. What began...

  • Field & Stream Hosiery & Packaging

    Graphic Design, Package Design, Product Design

    The Project Through MOKSHA Worldwide, Inc., we had the opportunity to create a line of hosiery for the Field &...

  • Stylish Man Logo

    Graphic Design, Logo & Branding

    Case study This logo design product came at the request of a Chicago-based accessory manufacturer working to launch an new line of...