What makes your business creative? I really want to know, and we want to share it with the rest of Chicago.

Recently, I’ve begun writing a blog on ChicagoNow.com called Creativity Connects Chicago (http://www.chicagonow.com/creativity-connects-chicago) and it’s gotten some pretty good response. I have been able to learn abou Chicago’s Creativity firsthand and, in turn, help fellow Chicagoans discover some realy great creative resources that Chicago has to offer. It also has helped to give some exposure to organizations and small businesses. And it’s all FREE!!! I’m a believer in good karma and what goes around comes around, so I am going to keep it FREE for as long as possible. I get to meet some great people and visit some great places and it’s begun to grow into a community of sorts.

So, I’ve decided to create a web destination for this “community of creative businesses”.  It will be called Creativity Connects, and I’d love for you to join in. Not sure where it will end up, but every solid community starts with its people and small businesses, so won’t you tell me about you and yours?

You can learn more and join the network here: http://pbecreative.com/join-the-network-free-exposure/ or contact me via email for more info.

If you’d like to help and join in my endeavor, contact me via email as well. I like to surround myself with smart and creative people.